About the Book

When you break down all the fluff, there are two ways to promote and market your business: Dumber, slower, and expensive -- or smarter, faster, and cheaper.

Today’s approach to marketing creates a substantial advantage for entrepreneurs. For the first time since the oldest business transaction in history -- when early man traded fashionable animal skins for dinosaur meat -- the barriers to successful marketing have crumbled.

Now the Davids of the world actually have an advantage over the Goliaths.

Not only has the Internet become the great equalizer by giving scrappy entrepreneurs the same tools that are available to big brands and major companies, but it has shifted what it is important when it comes to marketing and promoting, creating an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs. Now, it takes far less money, but more passion, more personality, more creativity and the opportunity to become a trusted resource and the go to person as opposed to a sketchy product pusher.

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper is a living breathing buffet of non-boring, fluff-free ideas, strategies as well as stories and takeaways from successful entrepreneurs (including author David Siteman Garland) so you can take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer or a forward-thinker ready to innovate.

It is time to stop trying to out-spend and instead time to out-educate, out-hustle, out-give, out-connect, out-care, out-inspire, out-create and out-help the competition.

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