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Support the Launch of Smarter Faster Cheaper

First of all, thank you SO much for helping out and spreading the smarter, faster, cheaper movement. It means more than could ever be put into words.

The idea is simple: The world of marketing and promoting has changed drastically. Now entrepreneurs have the advantage over big, plodding giants (David vs Goliath if you will). And it isn't by out-spending. It is by out-educating, out-hustling, out-giving, out-connecting, out-caring, out-inspiring, out-creating, and out-helping.

The advantage used to be money. Now the advantage is drive, passion, creativity, personality, a focus on helping others and scalable one-on-one relationships between humans...not companies.

So, if there is a scrappy David or two or two million in your world (ironic pun?) looking for some marketing and promoting rocket fuel, consider Smater Faster Cheaper the rocket, the fuel and the spark.

Here are some ways you can help:

1. Buy The Book: You can nab it up at your local bookstore this December or order it right now on Amazon (and other fine book retailers right now).

2. Buy...A Bunch Of Books :) You can earn some cool free stuff by buying in bulk. Visit the special offers page for bonuses including Skype sessions with David and more. For BIG bulk orders for your organization, reach out to us here.

3. Tweet It, Facebook It, Whatever-It: Nothing is better than a trusted recommendation from you. A great way to help is spread the word via social media. You can connect with David on Twitter and Facebook as well.

4. Interview David: Looking to interview David for your blog, show, magazine, newspaper, whatever or know someone who does? Shoot us an email or fill out the quick application for an advanced copy (we *love* media sources of all shapes and sizes).

5. Review The Book: Have a blog? Show? Magazine? Or you are in traditional media? Or know someone that is? Smarter, Faster, Cheaper hits shelves this December and a review would be amazing (unless it is bad....just kidding). Contact us or fill out the quick form to nab an advanced review copy.

You can also leave your review on Amazon as well for the world to see.

*Many reviews will also be linked back up to you from us (we appreciate the love) in the reviews section of this site*

6. Good Ole Email: Inspired to spread Smarter Faster Cheaper? An easy way to do this is via email. Perhaps you have a newsletter or e-zine. Or, you just have a few friends to pass it onto. Whether it is 1 or 1,000,000 people, we appreciate you letting folks know.

7. Webinars & Online Events: Hosting a webinar or any other type of online event and want to inject it with some ideas from Smarter Faster Cheaper and a massive dose of David's energy? Reach out to us and David would be happy to help.

8. Offline Events, Meetups, Seminars, etc.: Have an offline event and would like to have David come out? Reach out to us and we will see if we can make it happen.

9. Speaking: Hear from the author himself with non-boring, fluff-free ideas for your company, organization or group. David is doing limited speaking engagements with a soft spot for folks buying a lot of books. Reach out to us to find out more.

10. Smoke Signals, Megaphones and Photos: Anything else you can think of? Standing on the street yelling at people? Taking photos with the book and uploading them? Sending smoke signals? If you do something creative and let us know (bring out a video camera *wink*). You might win some free stuff...

Have more ideas? We are always listening!




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